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Zbutt v1: Starter Packs

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1u - 6.5u kits include:

  • 1x Stem Cavity
  • 1x Sculpting Base
  • 1x Master Base

1u 3Pack kit includes:

  • 3x Stem Cavity
  • 3x Sculpting Base
  • 3x Master Base

1u Pro Starter Pack includes:

  • 1u Stem Cavity
  • 2x Sculpting base
  • 2x Master Base
  • 1x No Hassle Container
  • 1x ZButt Copy kit

*Recessed Stems will not have Stem Sprues.

Orders will be fulfilled as they come in. Allow 2 week lead time, though most orders ship before that time. Prints will be printed in the colors that I have available at the time of the order. 


If Makers Mark selected: Please pm me at Zappycobra#0001 on discord or email me at with an svg of your makers mark.