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Zbutt v1 Aluminum Sculpting Base

Zbutt v1 Aluminum Sculpting Base

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These are Machined Aluminum sculpting bases with a sandblasted and anodized protective finish. Mainly used to sculpt on for use with the Z-butt artisan keycap creation platform. As they famously said:

Available in any color, as long as its Purple! ;)



If baking sculpts using these, please allow to cool before touching, I am not responsible for any burns you may encounter. As always use Mold release when making molds with these.

Orders will still be fulfilled as they come in.

To be used with the Zbutt Stem Cavity.

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If Makers Mark selected: Please pm me at Zappycobra#0001 on discord or email me at with an svg of your makers mark.

Orders will be fulfilled as they come in. Allow 1-3 week lead time, though most orders ship before that time. Prints will be printed in the colors that I have available at the time of the order. Printed parts.

Lego Compatible!

You can either use the NoHassle container or you can use Lego blocks to easily make silicone molds allowing you to make more molds per pressure pot cycle. All sizes should be compatible with Lego pip spacing.

Regular or Recessed

Zbutt is available in regular or recessed stem. This means that you can make your Artisan keycaps compatible with a variety of different profiles. eg. Use recessed for Cherry profile (aka GMK).

CosmoCaps & Zbutt V2

Fiscal & Zbutt v1